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DEC "Technics"

Based Dec. 14, 2000 in Poltava. Over the years the company to increase the pace of its development, to expand the list vypo lnyaemyh works and services. The main priority of our work for us is a clear contractual obligations as planned at all stages of cooperation and high quality of work, as well as worked out various schemes mutually beneficial cooperation.

The company has the appropriate licenses and permits to perform work permanently updated with a list of works.

To achieve the objectives the organization has sufficient experience, leading experts have scientific degrees, work experience in the industry 20-30 years.


Design works and construction-and-assembling operations

Design works and construction-and-assembling operations
Engineering and construction-assembling operations
- Designing, manufacture and installation the metering points of gas, heat, water (consumer and industrial).
- Designing and construction of external and internal networks (gas pipelines, water supply, power systems , heat supply, ventilation and air conditioning) of buildings, constructions and settlements.
- Routing of pipelines and networks by cut-and-cover method and by close method on long segments by horizontal drilling using highly effective equipment of top manufacturers that allows us to pass streets and roads without breaking and recovery of the road cover.
- Examination of gas supply systems, heat supply, water supply, power systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning of buildings, constructions and settlements, including:
- Definition of actual calculative expenses of energy resource for all types of consumers
- Definition of assumed loads on the pipelines of low, medium and high pressure, the heat supply system and other pipelines and networks:
- restoration of rated scheme of gas supply, heat supply, water supply and other.
- Hydraulic calculation of systems, that defines prospects for further link-up of new consumers

Based on hydraulic calculation, there must be determined problem points and sectors of pipelines and networks, must be determined possible options of improvement in order to ensure the accident-free and safe exploitation.

The results of the work could be used in determining the modes of pressure in the systems of gas supply, heat supply, water supply, at serving out specifications for connection of additional customer to systems, while designing emergency modes of networks operating, at the stage of specifying prospects of development those systems, and in case of detection losses and leaks.


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