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DEC "Technics"

Based Dec. 14, 2000 in Poltava. Over the years the company to increase the pace of its development, to expand the list vypo lnyaemyh works and services. The main priority of our work for us is a clear contractual obligations as planned at all stages of cooperation and high quality of work, as well as worked out various schemes mutually beneficial cooperation.

The company has the appropriate licenses and permits to perform work permanently updated with a list of works.

To achieve the objectives the organization has sufficient experience, leading experts have scientific degrees, work experience in the industry 20-30 years.


Energy examination of objects

Energy examination of objects

Works for saving fuel and energy resources should be based on a thorough analysis for existing level of consumption gas,heat and electrical energy,determination of unit charges ofheat and electricity, making-up a heat-and-power balance of enterprise.

In this connection we offer
- energy examination of enterprises, budget entities, apartment buildings, heat-and-power analysis, determination of unit charges on fuel and energy, development of procedures to reduce consumption of gas, heat and electric energy.
- development of technical and engineering solutions on reduction of fuel and energy consumption, technical-and-economic calculation, reasoning of decisions as a first stage of preparation of project documentation
- working out the heat and fuel balance of heat and power consumption.Determination of main parts of losses the heat and fuel at the stages of production, transportation, distribution and consumption of heat and fuel.
- examine the pipes and networks. Hydraulic calculation of pipes and networks. Measures for optimization of networks’ work.
-adjustment works at all kinds of thermal equipment with the purpose to remove defects connected to exploitation of equipment. Development of measures to increase the efficiency of fuel combusting facilities

Carrying out works on thermo-modernization of apartment building, public and industrial buildings and structures to reduce energy consumption:
- increasing the heat-resistance of building envelopes
-modernization of heat input units (facility of automatic delivery of heat depending on the outside air temperature):
-reduction the expenditure of energy for hot water supply of apartment building and public buildings.
-preparation of special documentation for heat networks, gas supply networks, boiler equipment, ventilation and gas cleaning. Engineering works on reconstruction and conversion of heat sources, heat supply system, gas-supply system and manufacturing schemes of the enterprise
-Assembling of equipment and commissioning of heat-xchange and fuel combusting facilities.

Commissioning the objects..
Implementation of energy-saving arrangements, carrying out all kinds ofinstallation works, preparation of gas burners, packaging arrangement and shipping of boilers, pumps, heat engineering, gas equipment and control-and-measuring devices, installation of heat and gas meters and automatic controls of temperature at the input points of heat networks. The main priority of our work is a precise performance of contractual obligations within the limits of deadlines at all stages of cooperation. To achieve the objectives, the enterprise has got a proper experience in this field, and proven ways of cooperation with clients.


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