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DEC "Technics"

Based Dec. 14, 2000 in Poltava. Over the years the company to increase the pace of its development, to expand the list vypo lnyaemyh works and services. The main priority of our work for us is a clear contractual obligations as planned at all stages of cooperation and high quality of work, as well as worked out various schemes mutually beneficial cooperation.

The company has the appropriate licenses and permits to perform work permanently updated with a list of works.

To achieve the objectives the organization has sufficient experience, leading experts have scientific degrees, work experience in the industry 20-30 years.


Drilling Energy Company “Technics”

Formed on December 14, 2000 in Poltava, UA The company had been increasing pace of development over the years, expanded the list of works and services available to clients. The main priority of our work is a precise performance of contractual obligations within the limits of deadlines at all stages of cooperation, and high quality of works execution.

We developed and tested schemes of mutually advantageous cooperation with business partners. The company has got the appropriate licenses and permissions to perform works, the list of available works and operations is constantly updated.

Operations connected with oil and gas production.

- replacement of pump-compressor pipes
- restoration of wells
- shifting to packer method of operation of wells
- intensification of production
- waterproofing
- shifting to mechanical method of extraction
- work with coiled tubing units
- preparation and carrying out of hydraulic fracturing
- running the full range of fishing operations, milling, recanalization of the columns etc.
- oil well drilling
- well-drilling of operational and exploratory holes depth to 4500 m
- sidetracking, multilateral wells deviated wells and shafts, also well-drilling with output on the horizontal.
2. water drilling
3. Construction of facilities of producing natural gas, condensate and oil.
4. Maintenance of wells using nitrogen sets, cementing outfit, acid aggregates, sets of wells’ dewaxing.
5. Cementing of casing pipes.installation of cement bridges in wells.
6. Optimization of oil and gas extraction with using of booster compressor stations, and turbo-expander aggregates.
7. Running of wells with low seam pressure and accumulation of fluid in the stall using nitrogen membrane utilities.
8. Geophysical works – a full range

Providing services of engineering, construction, energetic survey of facilities.

1.Design of architectural objects
- engineering structures, internal and external engineering networks and systems.
2. Construction and assembly of
- oil and gas industry facilities
- municipal engineering structure
- agricultural objects.
3. Installation of infrastructure:
- buildings, external and internal networks and systems.
4. Construction the objects of transport.
5. Construction engineering
- inspection and assessment of buildings, facilities and comunications.
6. Services of prime contractor in construction .скачать dle 10.3фильмы бесплатно


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