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DEC "Technics"

Based Dec. 14, 2000 in Poltava. Over the years the company to increase the pace of its development, to expand the list vypo lnyaemyh works and services. The main priority of our work for us is a clear contractual obligations as planned at all stages of cooperation and high quality of work, as well as worked out various schemes mutually beneficial cooperation.

The company has the appropriate licenses and permits to perform work permanently updated with a list of works.

To achieve the objectives the organization has sufficient experience, leading experts have scientific degrees, work experience in the industry 20-30 years.



1.Cleaning the bottomhole formation zone of asphalt-paraffinic deposits using nonionic surfactant substances. Patent №60363,
2. Acid processing.
3. Waterproofing in gas and oil wells.
4. Waterproofing in gas and oil wells. By the use of viscous and solid hydrocarbons;
5. Hydromechanic slot perforations of wells at secondary opening of strata in combination with processing of bottomhole formation zone with surfactant substances.
6. Hydrosandblasting perforation
7. Hydraulic fracturing
8. Acid hydraulic fracturing.
9. Vibro processing the bottomhole formation zone (pulsed-wave pressure on the bottomhole formation zone using a coiled tubing unit)
10. Resonant-wave pressure to the oil stratum.
11. Thermal Treatment the bottomhole formation zone.
12 . Washing out bottomhole formation zone with solvents, surfactant substances and other liquids.
13. Thermogas chemical processing
14 Smoothing the injectivity profile of fill-in wells.
15 Additional perforation and hole torpedoing of previously riddled spaces.


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