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DEC "Technics"

Based Dec. 14, 2000 in Poltava. Over the years the company to increase the pace of its development, to expand the list vypo lnyaemyh works and services. The main priority of our work for us is a clear contractual obligations as planned at all stages of cooperation and high quality of work, as well as worked out various schemes mutually beneficial cooperation.

The company has the appropriate licenses and permits to perform work permanently updated with a list of works.

To achieve the objectives the organization has sufficient experience, leading experts have scientific degrees, work experience in the industry 20-30 years.


The device automatic thermal units entering with weather control in residential and civil buildings

Existing elevator thermal input nodes in residential and civic buildings, which are mainly used in the construction of industrial mass 70-80. exclude individual regulation and metering of heat supply in buildings, depending on the outdoor temperature.
Furthermore, such metering preclude programmed reduction of heat supply in the period of temporary absence of people in buildings, or during the night.
During the increase in temperature of outside air into the building receives an excessive amount of heat (especially during the cutting temperature chart when quality control of heat supply to the boiler is not possible). The regulation of heat supply in such periods of the year (and their duration is 50-60% of the time the heating season) should be implemented in the buildings themselves.
However, the only way to reduce heat gain during this period is only additional ventilation space by opening windows and vents. The regulation of heat supply in buildings depends on the temperature of the external air allows to obtain annual savings of up to 17 ... 20% of the thermal energy.
For a 5-storey residential building with 80 flats design load for heating of 290 kW and an annual heat consumption for heating in the range 550 ... 600 Gcal (630 ... 690 MW • h) the value of the annual heat saving can be up to 93 ... 100 Gcal, while subject to the tariff for thermal energy of about 40 dollars. US 1 Gcal give economic effect of about 3,800 dollars. US during the heating period.
Investments for the implementation of this project include the cost of design, installation and commissioning, and up to 12 thousand. Dollars. United States (along with the cost of metering heat energy in the building).
The payback period is:
- For residential buildings - 3 years;
- For public buildings - for about a year. Specific investment for saving heat in 1 Gcal in the implementation of the project of automatic regulation of heat supply in residential building is about 120 dollars. USA.

Figure 3. Schematic diagram of the automatic arrangement of individual thermal points: 1 - the sump; 2 - filter; 3 - heat meter; 4 - check valve; 5 - Lock shield valves; 6 - filter; 7 - pump; 8 - a control valve; 9 - the controller; tm - heating network; td - outside air temperature sensor; t1 - water temperature sensor in the supply pipeline.

The company "Technics" performs full range of works on arrangement of the input nodes.


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